To come to DAX for a thermal treatment is to choose THE thermal station in matters of rheumatology, thanks, in particular, to the notoriety of its mud: “the péloïde”, unique in the world. It goes without saying that the Station of Dax is perfectly appropriate for multiple painful pathologies: osteoarthritis, inflammatory rheumatisms, effects of traumatisms, articular complications, etc.

DAX is also the privileged destination for phlebology. Its mineral water is recommended for vein pathologies of the lower limbs: effects of phlebitis, venous insufficiency with functional, trophic or skin troubles…

For patients suffering from fibromyalgia, DAX proposes a non-medicated response to treatment of their pain, by associating the two previously mentioned treatments with specific additional activities for chronic pain (light gymnastics, fitness trails, sophrology, etc…)

Finally, in addition to packages reimbursed by the national health insurance, “short-stay” packages with a preventative aim have been put into place. They are intended for people of all ages, still working or retired, who don’t have the possibility of spending 3 weeks in DAX, but who want to preserve their health and to delay the symptoms of ageing.

THERMOTEL, being directly connected to the Thermes Bérot thermal treatment centre, is the perfect place to stay during your treatment.

The Thermes Bérot are dedicated to offering treatments which are constantly modernised with efficient installations and equipment adapted to the needs of our times, very safe on a sanitary level, accompanied by global analysis on a listening, education and advisory basis. Their knowledge and the professionalism of their personnel, associated with optimal sanitary safety of the thermal products, have enabled them to be the first to obtain the dual certification ISO 9001 and Aquacert Thermalism.

Bien être et cure à Dax ThermotelBien être et cure à Dax ThermotelBien être et cure à Dax Thermotel

The thermal treatment is primarily synonymous with rest, well-being and comfort. THERMOTEL offers the services of a 3* hotel and the liberty of a residence, optimising the benefits of your thermal treatment.

Our hostesses will assist you in concocting a tailor-made stay as soon as you communicate your desideratas (traditional treatment, independent treatment, Fangoforme, Aquaforme, Rosavita etc., the dates of your treatment).

As well, as soon as you arrive at THERMOTEL, you will enjoy a personalised welcome and all of the explications and answers to your questions to begin your treatment serenely. You need only to go directly from the THERMOTEL to the Thermal establishment, wearing the dressing gown provided in your apartment, without going outside, by following the corridor connecting the two establishments.

If your doctor prescribes rest time, you will be able to return to your studio or apartment to rest “at home”.

THERMOTEL provides you with all of the possibilities. It’s your move!